My roots

Hi there! I’m Heather, a Registered Dietitian who runs a whole lot of miles.

If you were to follow me around for a day, the foods I eat may surprise you. I don’t think you need fancy supplements,  perfectly meal-prepped lunches or organic kale salads for dinner to be healthy. I think you should eat what looks good and what makes you feel good. Some days, I rock the salads and green juices because my body is craving those nutrients. I also look forward to Wing Wednesday every week (50 cent wings, ya’ll!). Part of my goal in this space is to help you learn the basics of nutrition so that you can do the same, without out guilt, and while running faster than you ever have before.

I started running in high school in a desperate attempt to get better at volleyball. It didn’t work. But, turns out, I was fairly decent at the distance running thing. 15 years later, I’ve learned to love the puzzle of training just as much as I do the science of nutrition. I have worked to improve my marathon time from 4:15 down to a 3:12 finish at the New York City Marathon as part of Michelob Ultra’s #TeamUltra. It’s been a whole lot of work, a whole lot of studying the sport and whole lot of trial and error. But, I love it. And that’s where this website was born; at the merger of both passions.

It is my goal, in this space. I am here to help you find a balance between kale salads and Wing Wednesday on your journey to fast running.. It took me a long time to make peace with food and learn that not every mile I ran was going to be my fastest. But, once I stepped back, learned to use food to fuel my body properly and trained the right way, my running took off. And, so did my happiness. We each have our own unique path to wellness, and I’m here to help you navigate it.

Want to know more? Let’s connect! I’m always up for an email chat at